March 2, 2021

“The Hidden Door will reopen only after medical authorities tell us our guests and our employees will be safe,  and give us a list of precautions to take.  We do not believe it wise to suddenly switch from double-masks to no masks,  and claim the threat from Coronavirus is over.

We agree with Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins,  opening at at time of up to a thousand new cases a day in North Texas isn’t wise.

We will lose some some customers.  We regret that.  But we’d have much greater regrets if they became ill and possibly died as a result of what all medical specialists tell us is wrong.

We’re optimistic of a reopening at a time when its safe.  We don’t believe this is it!

Harvey Meissner

President and General Manager

Bobrow Trust, said, “Despite our being closed for much of 2020, we’ll continue this annual $250,000 donation and will be adding more in smaller donations during the year. Tony Bobrow left us well-funded, and the needs of our community are greater than ever.”

Since Bobrow’s death in February 2018, the trust he established has donated almost $1.3 million to non-profits. Profits from the bar Bobrow owned, Hidden Door, now go into the trust. Although the COVID-19 pandemic kept the bar shuttered since last spring, Meissner said, “The days are quickly getting longer, more UV rays are reaching the earth, and we’re moving our social activities to the outside. The Hidden Door crew has carefully observed precautions and are rapidly getting the Covid 19 vaccine. We hope to be open during the summer, enjoying the largest patio in Oak Lawn.”

The Hidden Door has undergone remodeling during the months it has been closed. “We’ll reopen only after the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission tells us it’s safe. Optimistically, that’ll be sometime this summer or early fall. That will depend in part on how well all of us use precautions and get the vaccine,” Meissner said. “We’ve said before, we’ll never take a chance on harming any of our customers or family.”

When Hidden Door was open last year, Meissner said, “about 20 cents of every dollar spent at the Hidden Door was given to the trust for future contributions. While the Anthony Bobrow Trust will continue its donations regardless, it will be great to visit with the Hidden Door family again.”

Watch the Hidden Door Website for the latest information.

— Tammye Nash

Thanks to Leo and Tammye and the Dallas Voice!